Meet our team

DOPS 2024 is organized by PhD students from Radboudumc, UMC Utrecht, ErasmusMC, LUMC, and AUMC. Meet the members of our team:

Femke van den Tillaart


I am working as a PhD student at the Department of Ophthalmology at the Radboud University Medical Center. My research focuses on central serous chorioretinopathy (CSC), a disease that mainly affects male patients of working age. We aim to further evaluate the knowledge about the pathogenesis of CSC and we want to investigate the effect of different treatments in both the short and long term.

Hozan Zebari


I am a first-year PhD student at the Department of Ophthalmology at ErasmusMC. There, I focus my research on myopia and establishing real-world studies within the Netherlands. At Radboudumc, I am active as an optometrist, encountering complex myopia cases in practice. Following my optometry training, I completed the Master's in Management, Policy Analysis, and Entrepreneurship in the Health & Life Sciences at VU Amsterdam. I aim to be a bridge between scientific research and clinical practice in the field of myopia control and hope to facilitate the application of relevant research and the adoption of evidence-based treatments in the routine clinical myopia practices.

Inge Corver


After graduating from medical school in Maastricht, I started working as a resident (not in training) in Pediatrics. Following eight months of work experience, I got the opportunity to start my PhD in pediatric neuro-oncology and ophthalmology at the UMC Utrecht and Princes Máxima Center in Utrecht. My research focuses on the visual follow-up and quality of life in children with a brain tumor. I enjoy working in a multidisciplinary team, and with this research, I hope to contribute to the development of guidelines for ophthalmological follow-up in children with a brain tumor. I look forward to meeting you all at the DOPS symposium this year!

Mahfam Shahabi


I am a second year PhD candidate at the Radboud University Medical Center. My research focuses on patients with early-onset macular degeneration, and unraveling the genetic and metabolomic characteristics of this subtype of AMD. My goal is to get one step closer towards therapy development for (dry) AMD.

Jenny Chang-Wolf

PR Officer

I am a 2nd-year PhD student researching central serous chorioretinopathy at Leiden University Medical Center and Amsterdam University Medical Centers. My area of interest involves the imaging characteristics that predict disease severity and treatment response. I studied Biomedical Engineering at Duke University in the United States of America, where I grew up. I also earned my MD from Duke University School of Medicine and completed my Research Master's at ErasmusMC. I have enjoyed connecting with my colleagues across the country through DOPS, and I am grateful for the opportunity to shape the experience now!

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